Norman Smiley appeared on the scene much the same way most nobodies appeared on the scene: in WCW. He just kinda popped out of nowhere and began making obscene gestures to the fans all the time. But we'll get to that in due time. Probably the most amazing thing about Norman Smiley isn't what he achieved in terms of his career (because he really didn't achieve anything in his career), but what he managed to achieve in terms of a gimmick.

Here we have a guy that comes to the ring in the most stripped down (literally and figuratively) ring attire - worse than even Goldberg. Just a pair of mood panties that changed colour depending on who he was fighting, and a matching pair of stupid booties (yes, even worse than Goldberg's). To impress the fans, he'd due a lewd dance that he referred to as The Big Wiggle.

But I digress, this isn't really profiling his career. Like I said, he just kinda popped out of nowhere onto Nitro television and immediately got pushed faster and harder than Jericho ever did. Of course, Norman was completely unable to capitalize on his pushes, and none of it mattered in the long run. But, that again isn't career profiling.

I believe he first appeared on WCW Saturday Night, but nobody watches that show, not even Norman Smiley, so it's hard to tell for sure. The first time he was ever noticed, though, was when he appeared shortly thereafter on Nitro, and it's rumored that he was on Thunder, too. But, same deal as Saturday Night, I'm afraid.

Anyway, on Nitro he was immediately recognized by the fans because he didn't wrestle the same style as everybody else in WCW - a major thorn in WCW's side. Norman breathed new life into WCW by dancing around the ring like a jackass and doing really cool scoop slams. Aside from that, though, it was pretty much cut and dry WCW fashion wrestling (read: fucking boring).

Then he developed his Big Wiggle. The Big Wiggle was a dance move (a whole two second one) that Norman did while his opponent was down. WCW really weirded me out on this one, though. I was almost posative that The Big Wiggle was a dance move, but then Norman started to getting on the top rope and Tony Jabroni would start raving some insane bullshit about how Norman was going for The Big Wiggle when he did that. Of course, Norman never did a move from the top rope, because, quite frankly, I don't think The Big Wiggle (as a top rope move) ever existed. It was just a way for Norman to job all the time.

And then he disappears.

About a year later, once Vince Russo was at the helm of the NWA's defective son, Norman Smiley was brought back, and teamed up with Chris Jericho's old manager: Ralphus. Unfortunately, Chris Jericho carried Ralphus, and not vice versa, so Ralphus only served as the cement shoes for Norman Smiley, and after a little stint where he and Ralphus were selling t-shirts outside the arena, they were both gone again.

I vaguely remember Norman Smiley wearing hockey equipment to the ring, too.

Anyway, suggestion for improvement: wear some clothes while you wrestle. God damn.