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Blockhead from the Internet
Here is the long-awaited Part 2 of the Best of Tazmaniac DVD, where you not only find out what the alt-tag means, but what it was supposed to be before I screwed it up.

HAY GUYS WHAT'S GOIN' ON ON THIS WEBSITE??? I came across "The Best of Tazmaniac" and decided to break radio silence. If you want to know where the alt-tag comes from, you're going to need to wait for Part 2. This is Part 1.

Submitted by Da Mysterious JG on Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Always on thyme
One of these days I'll have to make sure people other than myself have the login information for this site. A very sad thing happened a few weeks ago. Kissyfingers to the Test up in The Sky.

Submitted by The Next Mideon on Sunday, April 26, 2009
Bake it like a man
This is Sofa yet again, using the magic of the internet to appear as someone I'm not. One night ago, a man gave a speech. In Minneapolis. Weekly Visitor's Award Winning Political Coverage has the scoop.

Submitted by Evk on Friday, September 5, 2008
Spy sappin' my website gun
JG made another RAW. Ubiquitously yours, Sofa. Also, semi-big project nears completion. Now stop playing as Heavy. srsly.

Sofa, again. Also below. There's a 20 minute inspirational package before this 2 week-old RAW, so watch out. Also, sorry about the delay. There's a semi-big project on the way, too. Woof.

This RAW is from July 14th, but fell through a wormhole and ended up here, now. I'm retconning Weekly Visitor's history here.

Imagine Sofa's voice here. Scaaaaaary! I don't know what the deal is with surprise wrestling recaps lately, but that is certainly not scary. Now get me pictures of Spiderman stealing from children!

Submitted by Da Mysterious JG on Sunday, August 24, 2007
This recap of Smackdown(!) was printed with the express written consent of Super Shane Spear and Major League Baseball.

Submitted by Sofa on Wednesday, May 28, 2007
Day Nine: Well, I'm Sofa and it's plain to see, that I'm Sofa and my name is Sofa. My Top 15 "WTF"?! Basically I act incredulous at shit. As per usual.

Day Eight: Baruni, my long lost undercover lover! Show us what it means to be alive and delicious!

Day Seven: Imagine the "You just selected a stage" music from Mega Man is playing here. A huge contributor Super Asia is approaching fast! Extreme March extends into April this year! That's how extreme it is.

Day Six: I'm not sure where he got the idea that I like Star Trek Voyager (a personal Worst of the Best), but JG clocks in at 1.21 Gigawatts of *.html. I'll stop talking about file formats tomorrow. Speaking of me, I really should probably finish my own list. Yikes.

Day Five: The *.htm trend continues with Waspie, and a list where I have no idea what is going on, other than I have now embraced being Proud of Travel. Disrespect travel, and die.

Day Four: Evk shows us that he and Hooker roll with *.htm instead of *.html. Weirdos. Evk sez: "Haruhi is overrated. You just foolin' you own ass." ... and scene. I'll be back some day with I'm sure another out-of-alphabetic-order list.

Day Three: Hooker??? This was supposed to be alphabetical order, what the heck is going on (holmes)? I wonder if Hitler could beat that big alien heart at the end of Contra?

Day Two: Where Nik's Electric Boogaloo roams. Oh, I'm all asmirk.

Holy Jesus is it March already? Well, time for blooming plum trees, birdsongs, and warm picnics with a loved one. I can't help but feel like there's something I'm forgetting. Like... the Motherfucking Weekly Visitor 15! There is a totally new format this year, so come with your pants pre-soiled with excitement. I'll wait until you come back. In the mean time, Al Creed has been so kind as to write our first Top 15 list, and I honestly think I'll steal his image format when I do mine. Oh, I'm all atwitter.

Submitted by Sofa on Wednesday, April 2, 2008
Strategically Placed Retard
JG here. I posted some bloggish discussion of life and school and work on the messageboard which you may have missed. But here, I will bitch at great length about the hit video game Assassin's Creed. Come for the complaining, stay for the horrible puns.

Submitted by Da Mysterious JG on Thursday, January 24, 2008
Choose the ball, and join your mother in death
So I got another video game. Read about Persona 3, question why the hell I'm so lazy, and maybe even your own existence. C'mon, it'll be fun.

Submitted by Sofa on Sunday, December 16, 2007
Citizens Rejoyce!
It's the season finale of Doctor Who, 'Last of the Time Lords!' Two Time Lords enter, one Time Lord leaves. There can be only one. The world only needs one Snake, and one Big Boss. So does the title refer to the Doctor, or the Master? (Hint: it refers to the Doctor.)

Submitted by Da Mysterious JG on Monday, November 26, 2007
*scarier music*
*Scary Music*
The aforementioned, dreaded Sumo vixens. Has been recapped.

Submitted by Evk on Sunday, November 4, 2007
Uhn push it.
Sofa here, using ventriloquism. FTP issues and also my computer dying have delayed Weekly Visitor's updates for some time now. Apologies. Things are still happening here. Evk will arrive soon with a review of the dreaded Sumo Vixens, and I have another video game review up my sleeve at some point, maybe when I finish the game. (Hah.) In the meantime, JG has written rebeaks of not one, but two episodes of Dr. Who. Featuring a little bit more Doctor Who.

Enjoy this episode of Doctor Who. Featuring almost no Doctor Who.

Who will the Family of Blood kill? Martha? Matron? Hornswoggle? Find out in this week's rebeak of Doctor Who.


Shut-up-stop-talking-cease-and-desist-there’s-a-good-web-surfer! It’s time for John Smith’s Excellent Adventure, Part The First.

Doctor Who takes last week’s single scene of a killer in a boiler room and turns it into an entire episode. It also features a lot more Don West references than I ever anticipated. I felt like I should have rebeaked it in a shirt and tie combo in matching metallic peach.

The Dalek one is coming soonish, but this week’s rebeak of Doctor Who takes last week’s single scene of a killer in a boiler room and turns it into an entire episode. It also features a lot more Don West references than I ever anticipated. I felt like I should have rebeaked it in a shirt and tie combo in matching metallic peach.

Circumstances beyond my control have delayed rebeaking that second half of the Dalek two-parter, so I’m afraid you’re gonna just have to imagine what the world is like with a Dalek in a suit who talks like Joey Wheeler. Well, unless you actually watched the show. But I’m soldiering on with the episode that came after that episode of Doctor Who. It’s chiefly about a scientist who eats things with his butt, and Martha's Moms.

Submitted by Da Mysterious JG on Saturday, October 20th, 2007

In a shocking twist, our annoucer admits that he's HIV positive in WEW 6. I wish I was making that up.

Submitted by Evk on Tuesday, August 7, 2007
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